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If you'd rather obfuscate than speak clearly, here are some handy euphemisms for everyday use.

Company layoff - personnel degrowth
Demotion - negative advancement
Personnel - human capital
Part-time worker - peripheral
Fire - disemploy, idle indefinitely
Budget cut - advanced downward adjustment
Recession - contained depression
Net loss - negative profit impact
Price decrease - value pricing
Price increase - price realignment
Fee - user charge
Store closure - disposition of low throughput unit
Sell - de-accumulate
Unpaid loans - nonperforming assets
Tax - wage-based premium
Theft - inventory shrinkage
Failure - incomplete success
Software bug - undocumented program feature
Mistake - variance
Flight delay - schedule irregularity
Lie - reality augmentation
Death - mortality experience
Die - join the majority
Assassination - health discontinuance
Explosion - energetic disassembly
Read - decode
Talk to - dialogue with
Election loss - deselection
Student - education user
Poor person - fiscal underachiever
Married - formerly single
Used - previously new
Day old - yesterday's fresh
Leftovers - outstanding vintage cuisine
Elderly - chronologically gifted
Bald - follicle free, hair disadvantaged
Vomit - protein spill

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